Times Herald, 8 August 1924

Times Herald, 8 August 1924

'bill gave away a bunch of awesome cars to girls meanwhile arnold got me a second-hand car'

i know that’s not (all of) what you’re saying, carolyn, but that’s what i’m hearing right now.

"Bill Fallon was not stable, and he was not adult, except in his purely professional appearances."
— Carolyn Rothstein, Now I’ll Tell

so i’ve had Now I’ll Tell sitting here for a while (courtesy of you know who you are thank you thank you) and i finally printed it off and i was glancing at a couple of pages as it was finishing and


i need a minute

fuck thisssssssssssssssssssssssssssss aw shit yes good.

Let's Get To The Nitty Gritty
Horace Silver - Silver's Serenade (367)


Horace Silver - Let’s Get To The Nitty Gritty 
(1963) Silver’s Serenade


Horace Silver


Horace Silver

filed under ‘things i will never be over’ and ‘oh Eidlitz oh you’…

The New York Times, 24 July 1923

"Where does responsibility
For man’s inheritance from man begin?"
— Henrik Ibsen, Brand [transl. Michael Meyer]

Federico Erra


Federico Erra

wordlessness or

distance from words



Lee Morgan: The Sidewinder by Jean-Pierre Leloir


Lee Morgan: The Sidewinder by Jean-Pierre Leloir

"I find you bigger now with your wings clipped
Than when you were the Angel of God. Goodbye.
I have given you a mirror; look at it, and ask yourself:
‘Is this a man who would storm the gates of Heaven?’"
— Henrik Ibsen, Brand [transl. Michael Meyer]

internet availability at the house is now 0%.

library has internet, but at the library i will not be long.

this is an aggravation. but c’est la vie.

in other news, a book just plummeted off of a shelf. the book wishes to be free. i guess. now it’s just having a private party, face-down on the ground.

"Why does he make us feel the questions if he’s not gonna give us any answers?"

ktobermanns sent: 14, 16, 17, 21, 41, 50

14) song that reminds you of your favorite character

oh yesss… i have. quite a few for Fallon. the top two are Radiohead’s ‘Just' and Oasis's 'Magic Pie' again and again and again. just… could go on about either of those for a long while, especially lyric-wise ('you do it to yourself' jfc that that right there… and actually, the video for ‘Just’ resonates very much). and there are ways in which Bob Dylan’s ‘Idiot Wind' hits far too fucking close.

16) most aggravating aspect of the show

answered here, though i’ll add that the tendency to spin the world so conveniently (not quite the right word, but close) around Nucky is HIGHLY IRKSOME.

17) character you’d resurrect if you had frankenstein’s prowess

as long as i’m not also fucking it up Frankenstein-style, i’d say Maybelle. if it IS going to lead to a whole lot of fuckery, i’d say Sebso just to send him off to plague van Alden. though really? i’d like to see what a resurrected Munya would do in that case.

21) favorite character voice

Manny Horvitz. 0% room for discussion. for his voice and for the ways he weighs and uses words. deliberate and rhythmic at once, giving space for resonance of voice… yes, please.

41) propose a cocktail based on a character

gave an answer here, but never hurts to have more, so…

The Bureau’s Finest: patron orders The Bureau’s Finest. bartender immediately grabs half a lemon AND SHOVES IT IN PATRON’S EYE HOW D’YA LIKE THEM LEMONS HOW YA LIKE ‘EM NOWWWWW? after patron has been sufficiently lemoned, bartender shoves patron’s head in a basin of water whilst shouting ‘SURPRISE BAPTISM!!!’

50) talk about some boardwalk-y thing that’s on your mind

…you know, i was going to say ‘i hope the show ends like an Ibsen play,’ but i think a shabby version of that already happened with the end of season four and that just was not okay so maybe let’s avoid that.

wow no but what would be great is if the show ends with Mickey slamming Nucky in the face with a collection of Shakespeare’s plays i think that would tie things together nicely. and he can just ‘MY NAME IS NOT KUZIK MY NAME IS NOT ROSE IT IS DOYLE’ and then he would giggle for a while end of game.